Master Thesis Work

Is it possible to transform smartphones from distracting devices to educational tools?

Project Summary
For my MFA thesis study, I chose to focus on understanding how undergraduate students were using smartphone technology, both in the classroom and in social situations. My findings revealed concrete data confirming the distracting nature of smartphones in the university environment. I then considered how smartphone usage might be transformed from a potentially distracting activity into a set of activities or tools that could effectively facilitate learning experiences.

To this end, part of my research included developing and testing an app I created named Pondr. While the app itself ultimately proved unsuccessful, the resulting information revealed by its failure was instrumental in leading me to my final findings, perfectly illustrating how important the iterative process is to successful design.

Project Roles
Secondary research and analysis
Participant Surveys
Multiple focus group cycles
Persona development
App competitor analysis
App information architecture and wireframing
App paper and digital prototyping
App individual usability testing cycles