Nissan Research Labs:
The Social LIfe of the Car

What actually happens when people drive?

Project Summary
This study was a collaboration between the University of North Texas Fall 2014 Design Anthropology class led by Dr. Christina Wasson and the Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley. The project was an ethnographic study of how cars are embedded in American culture and an exploration of what actually happens when people drive. The purpose was to generate data of current driver experiences for the developers at Nissan Labs, who were developing driverless car technology at the time of our study. Our client contact at Nissan Labs was the legendary consulting anthropologist Dr. Brigitte Jordan who offered insight into our stakeholder’s needs and concerns, as well as guidance in the research process. Our findings were presented to Nissan Labs stakeholders as both a presentation and a written executive report.

Project Roles
Participant observational study
Individual interviews
Coding and analysis of observations and Interviews
Data visualizations for executive summary